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Brilliant starting point fiery years

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Brilliant starting point fiery years

——Interview with Yang Weisheng, former leader of oil depot installation team of Qidong installation company

Oral provincial culture

People talk about the history of Jiangsu Qi'an, which has won the first place in the installation of top 100 construction enterprises in Jiangsu Province for 12 consecutive years since 2009. We can't help but mention the "oil safety team". In the 1970s and 1980s, Qidong's "oil safety team" moved to the north and south of the river and galloped all over the motherland to build petrochemical storage tanks, won honor for Qidong's "hometown of architecture", laid the professional foundation of Jiangsu Qi'an, and became the brilliant historical starting point of Jiangsu Qi'an.

Xin Chou Jinqiu, we specially interviewed Yang Weisheng, leader of "You'an team". Mr. Yang, 74 years old, has a strong body, hale and hearty spirit, quick thinking and strong temperament; Remember the past events of the "oil safety team" clearly, know people and things, and be objective and fair.

"Oil safety team" is the abbreviation of Qidong oil depot installation team, which was established in September 1972. Recalling the fiery years, Yang was particularly excited. He said that it was an era of struggle, entrepreneurship was very difficult, and the past was vivid. "You'an team" is subordinate to the county construction company. The nature of the enterprise is a large collective, and the staffing is under the jurisdiction of the labor bureau. For its start, we should thank Wu Jianjian, a leader of Qidong construction system. The soldier transferred from the army loves his hometown. Through the relationship with his comrades in arms, he bought 6 electric welding machines from Shenyang Huanggu and became the family background of "oil safety team". Therefore, Mr. Yang believes that Wu Jianjian is the pioneer of the "oil safety team". The "oil safety team" started as a team based on the construction company. The company made do with several people who can burn electric welding, including old Yang. The company also hired several retired workers who can weld. Yang Lao said that his technical level can only belong to the general level. The enlightenment teacher is master Dai of Nantong tianshenggang power plant. Among the welders, Yang Zhicheng became the mentor of the team because of his long history of electric welding.

"You'an team" is composed of a group of special youth groups, which can be called the pride of Qidong era. It is mainly composed of educated youth in Shanghai, educated youth in Huilong Town, young residents in Huilong and Lvsi towns and a small number of demobilized soldiers. It is full of vitality and vitality, and most of them are not married. Therefore, when this youth group moves around for construction, it is particularly eye-catching and becomes a beautiful scenery. Mr. Yang said modestly that with his "great strength", he was supported and valued by young people and leaders, and was appointed the captain of the "oil safety team". Mr. Yang can still remember the scene of his appointment. It was in June 1974, still in the stage of the "Cultural Revolution", and workers held meetings almost night and night. One day, in the auditorium of the construction company, Secretary Zhang Weifang of the construction company announced at the meeting that he was the captain of the "oil safety team".

The "You'an team" in that year was organized by the branch. Zhu xueqiu, Xu Shengyao, Lu Yunfan, Zhao Keming and Xu Xiangao served as the branch secretaries successively. They were also called "instructors" at that time; The team leaders include Yang Weisheng, Yang Bingsheng, Shi Wangzhou, Yang Zhou and Liu Chong. The pioneering work of "oil safety team" is to build the oil depot of Nantong oil company. This is the first steel plate oil depot in China. In the 1960s and 1970s, China's national economic foundation was weak and the construction of oil depots was extremely backward. Mr. Yang recalled that when they visited Shanghai, they only saw four 200 m3 oil depots riveted with rivets in Gaoqiao refinery, which were built in Germany; More are simple "crude oil depots", built with bricks and painted with cement. Those "local oil depots" can't stand the wind and rain and crack very badly. Leaking diesel oil flows everywhere along the Yangtze River. The smell of oil is smoking the sky. The current situation is terrible. While visiting Shanghai, the "oil safety team" was lucky to meet a distinguished person. His name is Qin Linsen. He is the leader and technical authority of Shanghai Petroleum Company and is second to none in the country. Qin Linsen grew up in Germany and was born in a petroleum major. At the beginning of the founding of new China, he responded to the call of the motherland and became the first batch of senior intellectuals who came back from abroad. As one of the few technical authorities in the oil industry in China, he once wrote the oil reserve manual with others. Unfortunately, in the era of the "Cultural Revolution" with "class struggle as the key link", Qin Linsen became a "bad old nine" who stood aside, and he was very frustrated politically. However, his qualifications and level are there. No matter where he goes, it is respectful to mention his name, because the people of Sinopec system obey his technical authority. Mr. Yang said that meeting Qin Linsen was really a great blessing for the "You'an team". Qidong people were like treasures and treated them as guests of honor. They used local specialties such as "yellow bud vegetables, taro and fried longevity fruits" to contact him and deepen their friendship. More importantly, they respected him. From top to bottom, no matter cadres or ordinary employees, everyone of the "oil safety team" is respectful to him, and its degree of respect is even better than that of their parents. Qin Linsen not only gained personal dignity in the "oil safety team", but also had his own place to use. The "oil safety team" hired him as a technical consultant, and he also made every effort to serve the "oil safety team" for almost one third of the year, guiding technology and imparting production experience. In the 1980s and 1990s, oil depots were built everywhere. Qidong "oil safety team" is invincible, busy, reliable quality, and quickly won local recognition, which completely depends on Qin Linsen's technical support. Everywhere the "oil safety team" goes, from drawing design to construction arrangement, what Qin Linsen says, the "oil safety team" makes plans and completes the construction tasks with quality and quantity, which is highly praised by all parties. Qidong's "oil safety team" has gained great reputation in Jiangsu and the Yangtze River Delta, and its business scope has been continuously expanded. There are busy expeditions of "oil safety team" everywhere in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and even Huaxian County, Henan Province. Qidong "oil safety team" has become a construction team deeply respected by all localities. Mr. Yang said that even the truck drivers of the "oil safety team" refuel at the gas stations along the road. As long as they say that I belong to Qidong "oil safety team", they don't even have to pay money. They can leave with a sign. Recalling these fiery years and trivial things, old Yang is particularly satisfied. He said that the "oil safety team" is able to do well in the Yangtze River Delta, has more and more businesses, is also more and more busy, and the team is also growing. In 1981 and 1982, the "oil safety team" expanded to nearly 200 people, and the equipment began to be updated. Some electric welding machines are purchased directly from the construction site, some are replaced with construction funds, and some are made by themselves. Among them, several plate bending machines are made by the "oil safety team". Shi Wangzhou and others have made a lot of contributions.

Another important factor in the continuous expansion of Qidong's "oil safety team" business is that the "oil safety team" has unique skills and mastered advanced construction technology. This technology is the top blowing technology taught by Qin Linsen, which is an oil tank construction technology invented by the Japanese. A 55 kW small blower can blow up thousands of tons of oil tanks. At that time, there were few construction teams that could master this "unique skill". This was a construction miracle at that time. Moreover, the "oil safety team" itself also attaches great importance to employee skill education, and carries out welder training and skill assessment with the help of experimental primary school classrooms every year. Therefore, all members of the "oil safety team" are skilled and skilled, creating conditions for winning the market and building oil depots with high quality. Whenever the "oil safety team" comes to a place for construction, it is highly concerned by government leaders and surrounding people. Because oil tank construction is a key project of local economic construction, coupled with advanced top blowing technology and moving scene. At that time, Baosteel and WISCO had not been built in China, and the product quality of Angang had not passed the customs. The coil plates used in oil tanks were imported from Japan. However, the technology and materials used by Qidong "oil safety team" are the top and first-class in China, becoming a rare professional oil tank construction team in China. Remember, Qidong "oil safety team" attached great importance to the construction of 6904 oil depot in Zhenjiang. It is said that the 6904 war readiness oil depot is mainly used to deal with Chiang Kai Shek's attempt to "counter attack the mainland". It is an important military facility and is hidden in caves. The Secretary of Zhenjiang municipal Party committee and the commander of the military sub district personally inspected the construction site, and the site was heavily guarded. The leader's name is sun Bingqian. Unexpectedly, he is from Qidong. When he learned that the oil depot builders were Qidong villagers, he was particularly surprised and immediately called the captain Yang Weisheng to praise the greatness of Qidong people! I'm proud to say that such an important project was built by people in my hometown! Since then, Secretary sun and commander sun often took advantage of the work gap to come to the construction site alone, sit on the ground with the villagers of "You'an team", eat native vegetables and drink inferior "melon dry wine", and have a good time with Captain Yang. Recalling that hard and happy time, Yang felt proud, warm and unforgettable. Mr. Yang said that he was drunk with Secretary sun for the first time in his life.

Qidong's "oil safety team" has friends all over the world. Almost all the "top leaders" of oil companies in every place and county in Jiangsu, Yangtze River Delta and other places are close friends of the "oil safety team". In the early stage of reform and opening up, all localities need to build oil depots. Qidong "oil safety team" is the only professional construction team in the Yangtze River Delta, which is valued by all parties. The construction plan and progress shall be arranged by the "oil safety team". The months of Hefei, Huaibei and Shandong are all decided by the "oil safety team". As an important guest, Qidong "oil safety team" has been invited to participate in industry conferences for many times to discuss the construction plan of oil depot. In that year, the construction task of "oil safety team" was extremely heavy. Fight outside all year round. As soon as the eighth day of the Lunar New Year and the first half of the first month at the latest, all members of the "oil safety team" put their bags on their backs, boarded trucks, traveled around, and didn't go home until 2678 at the end of the year. At that time, social materials were scarce and traffic conditions were very poor. Nowadays, there were no televisions and high-speed roads, and the roads were bumpy. It was almost a bumpy day from Qidong to Nantong. However, the young people of the "oil safety team" ride in the company's only old truck, strong and passionate, do it yourself, carry production tools and bring their own daily necessities, and never complain or get tired. During the construction, they are even more eager to work actively and obey the management. Mr. Yang said that he was also willing to play the organizational and liaison role of the team leader, and negotiated with Party A to arrange the employees of the "oil safety team" to visit local scenic spots and taste local dishes in advance, so that the young employees can work at ease. In those hard times of planned economy when everything was "supplied by ticket", even a piece of dried tea and tofu in the canteen had to be supplied by ticket. However, Sinopec system has the advantage of departmental resources, and the "oil safety team" is satisfied that it can get some seemingly insignificant "concessions", and its work enthusiasm is particularly high. In his work, Captain Yang took the lead and set an example in everything. He often carried out ideological and political education for employees and warned young people that our team is "strength" + "technology" in exchange for "money" in each other's pockets, which is the "calculation formula" of the work of the "oil safety team". Captain Yang did the same work and construction as ordinary workers, and personally welded the storage tank as a construction model. At night, he also works as a "documenter", working overtime and sorting out engineering data. Captain Yang's education level is not high, but he is diligent in learning, willing to study and write well. The construction site propaganda slogans, various wall rules and regulations, etc. were all written by him. Mr. Yang proudly said that Qidong "oil safety team" stresses integrity, technology, good product quality and good reputation. The collection of project funds is also very smooth and simple. The number of contracts is as much as possible, and it never defaults. The "oil safety team" appoints a budgeter to carry a bag and ask for the construction fund from Party A. Because Qidong's "oil safety team" project is there and its reputation is there! Therefore, the economic benefits of the oil safety team are very good. In that year, the bonus of Qidong "oil safety team" employees became the sky high price of Qidong. Team leader Yang also fought with the leaders to increase the bonus of all employees with the increase of annual output value. "You'an team" became the work unit that many young people in Qidong yearned for!

In the 1980s and 1990s, the performance of the "oil safety team" was even more impressive. In 1989, a major fire broke out in Shandong Huangdao Oil Depot. The fire burned for several months. Premier Li Peng visited the disaster relief site in person. Afterwards, Qidong "oil safety team" also participated in the reconstruction and built two 40000 ton oil tanks. Later, the "oil safety team" established good relations with petrochemical units such as Liuhua construction and Shanghai installation company, created a historical precedent of cooperation with Sinopec and PetroChina, and forged a deep cooperative friendship with central enterprises and state-owned enterprises. "You'an team" trained a lot of talents. Many architects in Qidong grew up in You'an team and later achieved their own career. More importantly, "You'an team" has laid the traditional foundation of Jiangsu Qi'an Petrochemical specialty!

Talking about the fiery struggle years of the oil safety team, Captain Yang Weisheng had ups and downs, full of pride and passion. He took out the precious historical witness files of the oil safety team from his home: a work record book and a thick photo album. The record book with green plastic cover is printed with "training course for capital construction personnel of China Petrochemical Corporation", and the signature is "Sinopec Sales Corporation, Jiangsu Petroleum Company and Qidong oil depot installation joint venture". In 1982, the oil safety team, hydropower team and boiler installation team merged to establish Qidong installation company, and Yang Weisheng was promoted from team leader to deputy production manager of the installation company. In May 1989, with the efforts of manager Yang, an oil infrastructure grand meeting was held in Qidong, including Sinopec Sales Corporation, the Design Institute of the Ministry of Commerce and 20 oil companies in Jiangsu, Xinjiang, Anhui, Suzhou and Xuzhou to jointly commemorate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Qidong "oil safety team" and discuss the major events of oil depot construction. The album is well preserved and the color photos are clear. Among them, 19 photos vividly record the whole process of the "oil safety team" building Wuxi zhoujing Lane oil depot. This record book and photo album are undoubtedly the historical witness and valuable cultural relics of the predecessor "You'an team" of Jiangsu Qi'an, and also the "baby" of Captain Yang Weisheng. He repeatedly stressed: we should not forget Wu Jianjian and Zhu Linsen; Qidong "oil safety team" has contributed to China's oil tank construction territory.

Time and space flow, things are right and people are wrong. History continues to move forward in inheritance, and the latter wave surpasses the former wave in innovation. The historical footprints in the growth of Jiangsu Qi'an, with clear and thick footprints and brilliant achievements, are worthy of our remembrance and memory and handed down from generation to generation.

Guard the root and pulse carefully. The glory of Jiangsu Qi'an today is inseparable from the historical contribution of the "oil safety team" in that year. We can proudly say that the fiery struggle years of "You'an team" illuminate the annals of history and are the brilliant historical starting point of Qi'an, Jiangsu!