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The group company held a technical director meeting in Maoming, Guangdong

2021/09/29 12:24
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From September 27 to 28, the group company organized the first meeting of technical directors of regional companies and branches in Maoming, Guangdong, with more than 60 participants. Yin Weidong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, addressed the meeting by video. He hoped that all technical leaders would fully understand the important purpose and significance of the group's organization of the meeting, effectively improve the project quality, improve the management level, focus on the project, prevent and control risks, shoulder the responsibility and be responsible for themselves, the project and the company, Contribute to the implementation of the spirit of the group's mid year working meeting and ensure the stability and long-term development of "Qi'an".

At the meeting, the group's chief engineer office, engineering technology department and technology center respectively conducted training and publicity on special equipment construction management, completion data inspection, construction project construction management, project quality inspection improvement, project excellence creation and scientific and technological innovation application, BLM application, etc. Wu Donghui, chief engineer of the group, combined with relevant accident cases, made a keynote speech on "standardizing technical quality management and preventing construction risks", deeply expounded the great significance of strengthening quality management, and warned the technical director to fear norms, abide by standards and prevent and control risks. On the 28th, the participants observed the shuidongwan project in Maoming Dianbai District, which was constructed by Jinkun branch of the group. The project was continuously rated as the first in western Guangdong and the first in biguayuan group. It has become a local demonstration project and an all-weather observation site in Maoming. The participants were deeply impressed by the standardized management and advanced construction technology on the site. The conference is rich in content and has good teaching and training effect. It is an important action to implement the spirit of the group's mid year work conference and create quality and safety. It will have a positive and far-reaching impact on improving the group's quality and technical management level. (Engineering Technology Department)