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The group company held a high-level meeting to implement the spirit of the mid year work meeting

2021/09/22 12:17
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The group company held a high-level meeting to implement the spirit of the mid year work meeting

On September 22, the morning of the first working day after the Mid Autumn Festival, the group company held a high-level meeting to implement the spirit of the mid year working meeting. Leaders at or above the fourth chief engineer and heads of regional companies attended the meeting. Chairman Yin Weidong presided over the meeting.

The meeting pointed out that the current industry situation is severe and the dark tide is surging. Further strengthening risk prevention and control is the first priority of the work in the second half of the year. Regional companies should publicize the spirit of the mid year work meeting of "anchoring objectives and focusing on project risk prevention and control" to the grass-roots front lines such as branches and project departments in a rich and diverse manner, so as to unify ideas, gather consensus and clarify the direction. As the "locomotive" leading the development of enterprises, participants should timely summarize experiences, learn lessons, stick to the bottom line and do their jobs. Towards the end of the year, all levels should work together to resolve the business risks that have occurred or may occur, especially the risks of Evergrande, Blu ray and other projects. The region should go deep into the front line to master all the correct data, take the initiative in a race against time and resolve the contradictions in the front line.

The meeting stressed that regional companies should take on the important task of moving forward the contract review gate, control the project information, and fully evaluate the market environment, the owner's background and their own strength of undertaking the project. Relevant departments and offices of the headquarters should learn from the practices and experience of brother units, further improve the contract review process and prevent business risks from the source.

Finally, the meeting asked the regional staff of the headquarters to constantly learn, update their knowledge, keep pace with the times, and strive to improve their cognitive level and professional quality; Improve work attitude and style, further enhance service awareness, and eliminate acts of abusing power for personal gain and damaging the interests of the company; We should pay attention to the accumulation of public resources, lay a good foundation for resolving various risks and help the high-quality development of the group company. (Office)