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A thank you call from Rudong

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A thank you call from Rudong

On April 6, as soon as I went to work after Qingming Festival, the office of Jiangsu Qi'an Jinrun Branch received a thank-you call from Wei Aiping, an old mother over 60 years old in Rudong County, Jiangsu Province, and her family, expressing their sincere thanks and unforgettable feelings for the integrity of Qi'an.

This is how it happened. It turned out that in 2019, the "085 song Zeping project department" of Qi'an, Jiangsu Province, had a road construction project in Rudong County. Wei Aiping's home was near the construction site, and he made a living by renting forklifts and providing driver services. The two sides got married and signed a "machinery leasing agreement". In this process, the two sides have made monthly settlement and have a happy cooperation.

In the twinkling of an eye near the lunar new year, the two sides settled all the expenses, and the personnel of the project department also evacuated the site, waiting for the construction after the festival. Unexpectedly, on the way back, Shi Hanzhong, a construction worker of the project department, received an urgent call from the owner, asking Jiangsu Qi'an to temporarily use forklift to complete a construction task, which took about a week. After receiving the call, Shi Hanzhong was in a dilemma. All the forklift workers left the construction site, and it was not realistic to go back. So he dialed Wei Aiping with a try attitude and explained the reason. Unexpectedly, Wei Aiping promised and guaranteed to complete the task according to the quality and quantity. So she got up early in the dark, finished her work in the morning of December 30, and went home.

In the twinkling of an eye, the Spring Festival passed, but I didn't expect that the project stopped due to the owner's reasons, and after the festival, the construction workers didn't return to the construction site as scheduled. Soon after, Shi Hanzhong left his job in a hurry for personal reasons, and Wei Aiping lost contact with the project Department of Qi'an, Jiangsu Province.

Last year, because of the epidemic, Wei Aiping did not dare to leave the county at will. Because the forklift business was busy a few days ago, he had to work with the car, and he couldn't get away from it for a while and a half, so he didn't care about the 4000 yuan salary. Recently, however, her family has experienced some changes and is in urgent need of money. On the afternoon of April 1, she dragged her unsophisticated right leg to find Qi'an Jinrun legal department and explained the reason. The staff of the legal department received her warmly and listened to her statement patiently. When we tactfully put forward that in accordance with the handling process of Qi'an legal affairs, we generally refuse to accept the case that there is no relevant written material to support it. Hearing this, she suddenly became very depressed, sobbing about her recent misfortune and hard life. Looking at her anxious and helpless look, the staff didn't deal with the matter mechanically and dogmatically. They comforted her not to worry. Let's communicate with song Zeping first.

Holding the principle of seeking truth from facts and dealing with it properly, the staff connected song Zeping's phone and described the whole story. Unexpectedly, song Zong didn't hesitate for a moment. He immediately asked Wei Aiping to answer the phone and asked him what happened. After a while, President song called back to the staff and said, "after verification, it's true. Although Wei Aiping has no relevant written proof, we Qian are honest enterprises, and we must not let honest people suffer losses. In addition, our project department has not done a solid and detailed job, which has made people wronged. Please convey my apology. According to the usual payment process, the 4000 yuan should be transferred from Qi'an account to her bank card, but now it is close to work time, and considering that Wei Aiping still has a long way to go back to Rudong's hometown. Well, it's urgent. You ask her to write a receipt, and I'll transfer the money to her directly from wechat... "

With the sound of "Du" on wechat, Wei Aiping felt relieved and excited. He bowed to the staff of Jinrun and said, "I can't think of helping me solve this problem so soon. Qi'an, Jiangsu Province, is worthy of being an honest enterprise. Its name is worthy of its name

After returning home, Wei Aiping excitedly shared with her family her experience of "asking for a salary" in Qi'an, Jiangsu Province. The whole family was upset and full of sincere recognition and thanks for the integrity of Qi'an, so they called again to thank her. As a result, there was the scene at the beginning of the article... (Wang Furong)