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The group company won the "dream transformation +" caring plan love dedication award

2021/04/29 11:35
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The group company won the "dream transformation +" caring plan love dedication award

On the afternoon of April 28, the opening ceremony of the sixth Qidong youth fashion festival, which was sponsored by Qidong Youth League Municipal Committee, was solemnly held in the studio hall of Shirong media center. Fan Hongyan, chief economist of the group, received the award on behalf of the company.

The "dream transformation plus" care plan is a heartwarming project launched by the Communist Youth League Provincial Committee in the whole province. It mainly constructs "dream house" for the "fact orphans", implements material assistance and spiritual care, and embodies the spirit of General Secretary Xi's message to the hope project. After receiving the activity proposal of Qidong Youth League Municipal Committee, Yin Weidong, Secretary of the Party committee of the group company, immediately gave instructions, asking the Youth League Committee and infrastructure construction office of the company to assist Qidong Youth League Municipal Committee in fully implementing the "dream transformation +" care plan.

On March 19, the first batch of pilot project promotion meeting and technical disclosure meeting of Qidong "dream transformation +" was held in the conference room of Project Department of Qi'an building. Fan Hongyan, the group's chief economist, made a solemn commitment to the leaders of the Communist Youth League Municipal Committee on behalf of the company to successfully complete the dream transformation task. On March 25, the company sent staff to help families in Haifu, Hezuo, Jiulong, Beixin and weijiao, and officially launched the transformation of "dream house". During the construction, the Infrastructure Office formulates a practical personalized decoration scheme to ensure "one policy for each household, one policy for each person"; Select special personnel to be responsible for purchasing environment-friendly and durable building materials, and retest the construction materials to ensure that the basic performance indicators meet the specification requirements; The five pilot projects adopt team flow process to ensure the process quality and speed up the transformation progress; Return visit and investigate the caring project, and timely rectify the defects and omissions. After the completion of the project, the "dream house" has been highly praised by the clients and Qidong Youth League municipal Party committee. Mei Fengqing, Secretary of the Youth League municipal Party committee, highly praised the philanthropic spirit of Jiangsu Qi'an for its dedication to society and responsibility.

At the Nantong "dream house" centralized construction promotion meeting organized by Nantong Youth League municipal Party committee, nine caring units and enterprises including Jiangsu Qi'an construction group were commended. Five "Dream Houses" completed by the group company were exchanged as typical experience, which accumulated experience for the next work of the city, explored mature mode and laid a good foundation( Group company (Youth League Committee)