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Yin Weidong, chairman of the board, attended the product launch ceremony of kangxinguan vaccine base

2021/04/26 11:11
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Yin Weidong, chairman of the board, attended the product launch ceremony of kangxinguan vaccine base

Talk and exchange with Chen Wei, academician of national "people's hero" Engineering Academy

On April 25, the launch ceremony of kangxinnuo biological new crown vaccine phase III production base (as a gift to the 2021 National Children's vaccination day) was held in Tianjin Binhai Industrial new area. Yin Weidong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the group company, was invited to attend the activity and delivered a warm speech as a representative of suppliers who made outstanding contributions to fight against the new crown, He exchanged views with General Chen Wei, the national "people's hero" honorary winner, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and director of the Institute of bioengineering, Academy of military medicine, Academy of Military Sciences.

Xinguan vaccine is related to human life and health, and the construction of kangxinuo project, an adenovirus vector vaccine developed by Chen Wei's team, has attracted worldwide attention. Qi'an, Jiangsu Province, has undertaken the project construction with its exquisite professional advantages and the national feelings of fighting for honor. In charge of the construction team, Jinshun branch, regardless of cost and conditions, worked day and night and worked overtime, overcame many difficulties such as epidemic situation, materials, funds, personnel and Spring Festival holidays, ensured the completion of phase I, phase II and phase III of the new crown vaccine production base on schedule, and implemented the goal of increasing production capacity and helping fight the epidemic, He won the State Council's high praise for the joint prevention and control mechanism of New Coronavirus pneumonia and Kangxi's company, and demonstrated the image of Jiangsu's Kai an responsibility and its iron army. In his speech, chairman Yin Weidong warmly expressed his thanks to kangxinuo company, the construction team and all parties concerned about and supporting the project construction, and hoped to further strengthen the friendly cooperation with kangxinuo company. At the ceremony, academician Chen Wei delivered a warm congratulatory message, shared the hardships in the process of development of "keweisha" vaccine, and the joy after the completion of phase III clinical trial and emergency approval for marketing, and expressed thanks to the comrades who participated in the construction of vaccine production base. During the subsequent exchange with academician Chen Wei, the chairman briefly introduced the construction of the project. Academician Chen Wei expressed deep appreciation and hoped that Jiangsu Qi'an would further develop its professional advantages and technical strength and make greater contributions to the fight against the epidemic.

Chairman Yin Weidong, academician Chen Wei, senior executives of kangxinuo company and invited guests visited the base to witness the launch of new vaccine products. Group Tianjin company, Jinshun branch principal also participated in the activity. During the activity, the group was awarded the honorary title and trophy of "fight against new crown outstanding contribution supplier" by kangxinuo company( Group office, Tianjin company, Jinshun branch)