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May day dedication

2020/05/01 11:14
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Respect workers
Mouth Yin Weidong
Bathed in the early summer sunshine, when the epidemic prevention and resumption of work are carried out orderly, the labor day in 2020 will come as promised. On behalf of the Party committee and the board of directors of the group company, I would like to extend my high respect and greetings to all Kai'an employees and Kai'an workers who still stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and project position on May Day!
Labor is great and holy. Labor Day is a day to inspire workers. Since the beginning of International Labor Day in 1889, this sacred Festival has been encouraging the working people all over the world to promote social progress. Since the establishment of labor day in 1949, under the leadership of the party, the majority of workers have made great contributions to the construction of socialist cause. General secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed: "let labour glorious and create greatness become a sonorous era strong voice, so that the most glorious work, the highest labor, the greatest labor and the most beautiful labor become the common practice."
Since it was founded in the 1950s, after more than 60 years of spring and autumn storms, Jiangsu Qi'an has grown from a small enterprise to a large one, from a weak one to a strong one, from an unknown local small enterprise to a national famous, first-class construction and installation group enterprise in Jiangsu, which is a historical achievement created by generations of workers. The colorful and shining painting of Kai'an, Jiangsu Province, is drawn by countless hard-working Qi'an workers, with the spirits and light of tens of millions of Qi'an people. In the development process of Qi'an in Jiangsu Province, a batch of labor models, Qi'an craftsmen, advanced figures and excellent groups have emerged, who hold high the banner of ideals and beliefs, work hard and are willing to contribute. They are the strength of your labor, the spirit of your model, the exquisite workmanship and lean construction. They encourage all Qi'an personnel to start their own businesses and gather together to promote the development of the company The golden word brand. There is no day or forget. Jiangsu Qi'an can have such a good development situation today, thanks to the hard work and sweat of the workers. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude and respect to all the old Kai'an personnel, the Kai'an personnel and the project department and the branch companies who have won the labor honors at all levels!
Praise the spirit of model workers and the glory of labor. This is not only the positive energy of the times, but also the inexhaustible power of realizing sustainable development in Kai'an, Jiangsu Province. Not long ago, we successfully held the second session of the third general meeting of shareholders and the working session at the beginning of the year and the third session of the Party committee of the group company. The "two sessions" established the general principles for the group to focus on projects, strengthen management and control, and strive for high quality this year and in the future; adhere to the work principles of seeking progress in stability, problem orientation, and effect orientation, and require that the development ideas be shifted to focus on efficiency and quality, the work focus be shifted to focus on project management, and the work force be shifted to risk prevention and control, so as to achieve the goal of Kai'an Sustainable and high-quality development points out the direction.
Xunzi cloud: "although the road is near, not to; although things are small, not to fail.". Sustainable development is the key to centennial cause, and high quality is the key to centennial Qi'an. We have reason to believe that the grand dream of Kai'an will be realized through our hard-working hands!
Finally, I wish all Kai'an people a happy Labor Day again, and I wish Qi'an people, who are fighting in the front line of the project, a healthy body and mind under the normal anti epidemic situation!