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Group Qingdao LNG 160000m3 storage tank project completed pressure ring assembly and welding

2020/04/13 10:12
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On April 11, pressure ring assembly and welding of 160000m3 storage tank of Qingdao LNG project, which is under the construction of leamedo branch of the group, was completed, laying a solid foundation for orderly promotion of the project. The lifting, assembly and welding time of pressure bearing ring largely restricts the construction arrangement of subsequent processes of the tank. In order to ensure the construction node of gas jacking, the project department, while fully implementing the epidemic prevention, fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of all staff, coordinates all measures, reasonably organizes the construction, and finally successfully completes the lifting, installation and welding of the tank within 7 days. In the quality inspection, the qualified rate of penetration and ultrasonic inspection of pressure ring weld after welding is 100%, which is highly appraised by the owner. (limondo branch)