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The group company organized a "teacher with apprentice" symposium

2019/02/20 17:31
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The group company organized a "teacher with apprentice" symposium
On February 15th, the group company organized the "Cyan Blue Award" commendation and "teacher with apprentice" symposium in the conference room on the 12th floor of the headquarters. Chairman Yin Weidong attended the symposium and delivered a speech. He hoped that Master could teach well and spare no effort to do the work of "passing, helping and leading"; apprentices should bear in mind teacher's grace, learn actively and strive to achieve rapid growth. The chairman also awarded the "Blue and Blue Award" to Chen Ke, Xie Haiyin and Tang Xuebo. At the meeting, nearly 20 pairs of teachers and students shared their teaching experience and learning insights, and held a simple tea ceremony. The group company pioneered the "teacher with apprenticeship" model in the industry, and developed from technician training to professional detailed directional training, realized the tradition, pioneering and innovative, effectively promoted the company's talent team construction, and provided talents for the group company's high-quality development Guarantee. (Human Resources Department)