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National Day speech

2019/09/30 21:27
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National Day speech
Mouth Yin Weidong
Dear colleagues and staff of Kai'an:
October 1 this year marks the 70th birthday of our great motherland and the 60th anniversary of the growth and development of Kai'an, Jiangsu Province. On behalf of the Party committee of the group company and the board of directors of the company, I would like to extend greetings to all Kai'an colleagues and staff brothers who are still fighting for their jobs on the national day and wish you a happy National Day!
70 years of vicissitudes, 70 years of thorns. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, great changes have taken place in the motherland. The Chinese people have become the second largest economy in the world from the poor and weak "sleeping lion", realizing the historical transformation from "standing up" to "getting rich" and "becoming strong". They are standing proudly in the world's national forest and approaching the "Chinese dream" of national rejuvenation with a new posture!
"Those who fall in fact think of their trees, and those who drink their streams think of their sources.". 2019 is also the 60th anniversary of the growth and development of Qi'an, Jiangsu Province. At this historic moment in Daqing, we can't help but deeply remember the extraordinary years of Qi'an and the motherland, truly feel the historical movement of the company and the motherland, feel extremely proud, and full of the passion to work together for a better future!
History always spurts forward speed and strength in the process of change. 1959, the tenth anniversary of national day. Qidong County construction engineering company, the cradle of Kai'an in Jiangsu Province, was born. This year, 12 Qidong workers participated in the capital's ten major buildings. A picture of the historical materials of the "oil safety team" in Yaogang oil depot wharf is a vivid witness to the touching scene of Qi'an people's hard work. In the early spring and March of 1982, with the spring tide of reform and the happy drumbeat of the 33rd anniversary of the founding of the motherland, the oil safety team, the hydropower team and the boiler team joined hands to form Qidong County installation company. Since then, from Nanjing, the provincial capital, to the vast western Gobi, from oil tank production to complete equipment installation, Qi'an began to grow and climb with the national construction.
In September 1986, on the eve of the 37th anniversary of the motherland, with the approval of Qidong County Government, the company was renamed Qidong industrial equipment installation company. In November 1989, the 40th anniversary of the motherland, Qidong County construction, the company was renamed Qidong industrial equipment installation company. Qi'an's "three industries" also flourished with the national economic innovation, becoming a new bright spot for the economic development of enterprises.
On the 50th anniversary of the motherland, the domestic reform has been stormy. In 2001, under the guidance and support of the local government, the company renewed itself, successfully implemented the restructuring, realized Phoenix Nirvana, and ushered in a new realm of development. On September 1, 2006, on the eve of the 57th anniversary of the motherland, Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co., Ltd. was founded. At this time, more than 30 branches of Qi'an have bright stars and leading styles. Their business scope is expanding day by day, and their construction areas are all over China and overseas. The development concept of carrier Qi'an, brand Qi'an and culture Qi'an has been successfully implemented.
On the 60th anniversary of the motherland, Qi'an's image is more glorious, its development is solid and sonorous, and its industry influence continues to rise. In 2009, Qi'an won the first place in the construction and installation category of the top 100 construction enterprises in Jiangsu Province for the first time, becoming a well-known construction force both inside and outside the province. The construction output value has been rising all the way. All Qi'an employees enjoy the reform and development achievements as well as the people of the whole country, and the premise of gaining a sense of happiness has been raised. The long cherished wish of "professional brand, diversified development, leading in the province and well-known in the industry" has been basically realized, becoming the only top 100 enterprises in the province with "ten consecutive championships", and starting to sprint the goal of "enlightening the safety dream" of 10 billion!
"Jinsheng Lishui, jade out of Kungang". Celebrating the 70th birthday of the motherland, looking back on the spring and Autumn period of Qi'an Jiazi. Qi'an, Jiangsu Province, was born because of the motherland, grew because of reform and prospered because of opening up. Qi'an's development is just a microcosm of the magnificent picture of new China's 70 years of forge ahead. In the past 60 years, especially in the past 20 years, Qi'an has developed so fast and so well from scratch, from small to large, and shared weal and woe with the great motherland in its revitalization, opening up and prosperity. Qi'an and the motherland move forward together, make progress and develop together. On this National Day holiday, we deeply remember the countless revolutionary martyrs dedicated to the Republic, appreciate the development opportunities brought by the development of the motherland and the reform and opening up, and sincerely thank the employees who have worked hard for the development of Qi'an!
People say: everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world; I say: to build the motherland, we have a share of Qi'an. "Building a new world and helping the Chinese dream" is the corporate mission advocated by the company. At the exciting moment of praising the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, every Qi'an people should be more grateful to their motherland and never forget their mission; As a responsible company, in the new era, we should be more patriotic, inspire the feelings of the powerful country, strengthen the ambition of serving the country, more consciously shoulder the responsibility of development, harvest opportunities in the general trend of the construction of the motherland, and provide more safe and high-quality construction products for the society; At the same time of focusing on projects, devoting to high quality and pursuing the sustainable development of the company, we continue to strive to give back to the society and serve the country, and strive to compose a more brilliant chapter in the new era of Kai'an, Jiangsu Province!
Dear colleagues and staff friends, we are proud of our country's Daqing and responsible for our country's Daqing. National Day is the most important festival of the great motherland, which shows the will and strength of the country, and condenses the great appeal and patriotism. I sincerely hope that all Kai'an personnel, especially the construction and management staff at the front line of the project, must pay attention to their responsibilities and posts from the perspective of politics and harmony, do a good job in safety production and civilized construction during the festival, and take good care of the festivities