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Notice on implementing epidemic prevention and control measures and preparing for resumption of work

2020/02/13 21:13
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Notice on implementing epidemic prevention and control measures and preparing for resumption of work
Regional companies and branches:
The novel coronavirus novel coronavirus is now in the critical period of prevention and control of pneumonia. In order to resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control, according to the new deployment requirements of the Central Committee, the State Council and the provincial government and the local government on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia, and according to the actual situation of the company, the following are the following:
1、 Establish and improve the epidemic prevention and control system
The group company established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, urged and guided the branch company to establish and improve the epidemic prevention and control system before returning to work, and strengthened epidemic prevention and control, health protection and safety production. Group leader: Yin Weidong, Deputy Group Leaders: Lu Fei, Chen Xiaoxing, team members: personnel above the fourth chief engineer of the company headquarters and the person in charge of the regional company.
The person in charge of the regional company shall arrive at the post before February 15 to understand the local government's policies and specific requirements on the prevention and control of resumption of work and work safety as soon as possible, put forward the guidance on resumption of work according to the actual situation, and urge the branch companies and the project department within the jurisdiction to prepare for resumption of work in accordance with the regulations.
The branch company established a working group for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation at the construction site to be resumed, registered the information of migrant workers and entered it into the real name system management system, and conscientiously carried out the organization and investigation, information submission, epidemic prevention and control, life support and other work. The person in charge of the branch company acts as the team leader, the project manager and other project principal acts as the deputy team leader, and the staff of the project department acts as the team members.
2、 Refine the workflow of the resumption process
Each branch company shall assign special personnel to the project department as early as possible to understand the specific requirements of the local government for the prevention and control of the resumption of work epidemic and work safety, make arrangements for the resumption of work, the prevention and control of the epidemic and work safety according to the local epidemic situation and the actual situation of the construction site under the guidance of the regional company, and strengthen supervision, inspection, supervision, rectification and tracking Implement other safeguard measures. In the aspect of epidemic prevention and control, it is necessary to ensure that the project site has established the epidemic prevention and control work system, has the conditions for isolation and observation, is equipped with sufficient epidemic prevention materials, regular and quantitative health killing and reasonable scattered dining and other conditions for resumption. If the requirements are not met, the workers shall not be notified to return, nor be allowed to organize resumption of work without permission. If the project department considers that it meets the requirements for epidemic prevention and control after self inspection and verification by the regional company, it shall report to the local construction competent department for filing through the regional company, and can resume work only after meeting the requirements for resumption of work specified by the local epidemic prevention and control regulations. In terms of safety production, it is necessary to make clear the conditions for resumption of work safety production, such as the presence of construction site personnel, notification, inspection, training and education disclosure, and the presence of mechanical equipment overhaul and maintenance. If the conditions for safety production on site are not available, it is not allowed to resume work without authorization, and the time for resumption of work shall not be earlier than the time specified by the local government.
(1) Strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures. Before the resumption of the project, measures such as personnel health screening and epidemic prevention material reserve shall be strictly implemented to closely monitor and control the outbreak.
1. Preparation of prevention and control plan: the site epidemic prevention and control working group shall formulate a clear, detailed and operational work plan for site epidemic prevention and control, and specify the division of responsibilities, health screening, prevention and control material storage, isolation and observation conditions, resumption plan, personnel management, canteen sanitation, daily killing, emergency disposal and other work measures. A detailed resumption plan shall be formulated according to the progress of the construction process, including the roster schedule of migrant workers in place in batches, the daily consumption and storage of materials to be prevented and controlled, the construction plan of partial commencement and mechanical construction priority shall be adopted, and the number of operators and construction quantity shall be increased in a planned and step-by-step manner. The resumption procedure can be started only after the resumption scheme is reported to and approved by the local competent construction department.
2. Strict information disclosure: inform all migrant workers of prevention and control related information. Migrant workers shall not return to the construction site without receiving the notice; strengthen communication with migrant workers, master the schedule of returning to the construction site, and coordinate or help them to return to the construction site in a large number of workers in the same area as much as possible by means of car chartering and carpooling, so as to reduce the epidemic prevention caused by increased scattered travel Risk control.
3. strengthen organization and mobilization: strictly implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, establish the organizational system of epidemic emergency prevention and control, form a prevention and control team combining full-time and part-time work, and implement the prevention and control measures according to the formulated prevention and control plan. Patients with respiratory symptoms and fever should be treated in time.
4. Strengthen health screening: carry out the registration of life and travel conditions of all migrant workers during their leave, fully grasp whether the migrant workers are away from the Soviet Union and the place (time), whether they are in good physical condition, whether they have close contact with fever patients, whether they have been exposed to wild animals, etc.; for the past two weeks, they have the travel history, living history of key areas of the epidemic back to the Soviet Union and diagnosed (suspected) For the migrant workers who are in close contact with the cases, the construction unit must register and follow up their health conditions, arrange temporary single dormitory isolation, and observe for 14 days; in case of fever, cough, fatigue, etc., they should be guided to seek medical treatment in time, and wear medical masks when seeking medical treatment.
5. Make material preparation: strengthen the preparation of materials for epidemic response such as masks, thermometers, disinfectants, etc., and allocate necessary temporary isolation dormitories. The material preparation, material consumption and reserve plan shall be included in the verification of important conditions before resumption of work. For the construction site with real difficulties in material allocation, the local competent construction department may apply to the local authorities for epidemic prevention