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Tianjin held a meeting to deploy the year-end work

2019/12/09 02:10
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On December 7, Tianjin region held a meeting to deploy the year-end work, with more than 40 participants from the main principals of branches, contractors and relevant personnel of the project department. The meeting studied the documents issued by the group company, such as the notice on strengthening the construction of the company's environmental protection credit system, the supplementary notice on strengthening the special management of migrant workers' wage collection and sued disputes, and made arrangements for the year-end wage payment, quality safety, accounting annual report and distribution of migrant workers. The quality and safety, operation, finance and real name system directors of regional companies exchanged work respectively. The meeting stressed that: close to the end of the year, we must pay close attention to the work of safety in production on the construction site, strengthen the special management of migrant workers' salary claim and the sued disputes, and further strengthen the inspection of environmental protection issues to prevent the unexpected. The heads of all units under the jurisdiction of the region said that they would seriously follow the requirements of the group company, overcome difficulties, make plans, and effectively pay the year-end migrant workers' wages, so as to ensure that there would be no group petitions. (Tianjin area)