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New year's Day dedication

2019/12/31 20:46
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Set sail for a new voyage
——New year's Day speech in 2020
The years are quiet and bright. In the historical coordinates of Qi'an's development, 2019 is destined to be an important year of brilliant attention.
In this year, Qi'an moved forward bravely in overcoming difficulties and leaps, and developed continuously in Dingxin and Panzhihua high school. This is a new year for the new board of directors of the group to carry forward the past and usher in the future. It is also a happy year with the 70th birthday of the motherland and the successful capping of Kai'an building. It is also a year for the successful harvest of "ten consecutive" successes and the achievement of "Kai'an dream" with the output value of 10 billion yuan.
When the new year's bell rings, on behalf of the Party committee and the board of directors of the group company, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and good greetings to all Qi'an colleagues and employees, leaders at all levels, competent departments, friends from all walks of life and friendly cooperation units who care about and support the development of Qi'an, Jiangsu Province!
All the way through wind and rain, looking back, there are thousands of rivers and mountains. In 2019, we firmly hold the general tone of "seeking progress in stability", adhere to the requirements of "make every effort to strengthen management and control, adhere to innovation and seek high quality", adhere to problem orientation, focus on project management, commit to high-quality development, do not forget our original intention, work bravely and forge ahead in waves, promote all work orderly, effectively and achieve many brilliant achievements, maintain the sustainable and stable development of the group, and pursue the dream road It has achieved new leaps and historical brilliant achievements.
In this year, the group held a new board of directors, elected a new board of directors and board of supervisors, and realized the historical continuity of Qi'an Daye, which is a connecting link between the past and the future, and the unprecedented cohesion of "harmony with the team" and a clearer development strategy.
In this year, the company's brand construction added another honor, shining the leading demeanor. For the 10th time, it ranked the top 100 construction and installation enterprises in Jiangsu Province, becoming the only "ten consecutive top" enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and the image of Qi'an industry stood high.
In this year, the achievements of excellence creation were fruitful and gratifying, the most fruitful year, winning 8 national architectural awards at one stroke, creating a new era in history. Shanghai Tobacco Pudong Science and Technology Innovation Park, Urumqi high speed railway hospital, Nanjing Dingjiazhuang security house won the Luban Award of the highest honor of China's construction project; the first phase of world Guanjun residential area won the Zhan Tianyou award of China Civil Engineering excellent residential area gold award; Roche diagnostic products (Suzhou) in vitro diagnostic reagents, mechanical and electrical installation project of Urumqi high speed railway hospital, Xinjiang High Speed Railway The installation project of terminal talent service building and Shanghai Tobacco Pudong Science and technology innovation park were awarded "China installation star". A number of provincial and ministerial quality projects including "Yangtze Cup", "Shen'an Cup" and "Tianshan Award" were also harvested throughout the year. The group has made continuous efforts in scientific and technological innovation and expanded its influence in the industry. It has won a large number of national and provincial science and technology awards, construction methods, utility model patents, copyrights, QC and BIM achievements, participated in the compilation of national industry standards, and successfully hosted the standard compilation Seminar of China Association of chemical construction enterprises and the first "taoguilin Cup" skill competition in Qidong City.
This year, the group's basic management was rigorous and in-depth, witnessing the focus on strength. Throughout the year, the theme is widely publicized and implemented, with clear main lines and deep roots. Through comprehensive inspection, the links are tight and the climax is continuous, and the awareness of risk prevention and control is significantly enhanced. The enterprise qualification has been effectively maintained and improved, the informatization construction has been accelerated, the management system has been revised and implemented, and all kinds of training are lively and effective.
This year, the theme of the party construction of the group is high, the corporate culture is beautiful, and the humanistic charm is wonderful. Take the lead in carrying out the theme education of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind" in the industry, and the quality of Party construction, navigation, Weili and "four self-confidence" has been fully demonstrated. The theme of the party lesson, "learning to strengthen the country", red education, shaping the soul and casting the root; charity, public welfare, poverty alleviation and poverty relief, benevolence, warm heart, and virtue. The image of political and cultural Qi'an is moving and the beauty is the most beautiful; the light of great love reflects the mountains, snow fields, border villages, home and abroad.
The beauty of mountains and rivers comes back in one year, and everything is new in spring. Facing the dawn of the new year, 2020 begins to come to us, and a new voyage will start. 2020 is the end of the 13th five year plan and the key year to consolidate and pursue the dream of Kai'an. How can Qi'an deal with the changing times and strict industry? In the new year, we should take Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics and the spirit of the party in the fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee as the guide, closely adhere to the general arrangement of the three general meeting of shareholders, adhere to the new development concept, persist in problem orientation, and persist in making steady progress. To strengthen the enterprise foundation, we should strive for high-quality development with "stable operation and long-term development", grasp the market and make clear the orientation in terms of tempering management quality and seeking progress in stability, work hard for a long time in strengthening safety and quality, preventing and controlling risks, make continuous efforts and achieve progress in focusing on projects and deepening management, and constantly make outstanding achievements in scientific and technological innovation and construction of high-quality products to enhance the brand and agglomerate Positive energy, implementation of talent strategy, improvement of Party building culture, display of style, and strive to achieve high-quality sustainable development and construction of a hundred years of Kai'an.
Son in Sichuan said: time flies like this, day and night. Looking at the ever-changing history makes people feel that time is precious and fleeting; bearing in mind the original intention of the construction of Qi'an for a hundred years, people feel that the mission is glorious and the responsibility is great. Time is the mark of the pioneer's progress, and the witness of the fighter's dream. Qi'an is creating a new history every day, and it is a small step in the pursuit of building a century old enterprise.
Finally, pray for the same