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Work guidance of group senior research regional companies

2020/01/21 20:42
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On January 2-8, Yin Weidong, chairman of the group company, Lu Fei, general manager and song Hongliang, deputy general manager of the group company, investigated the group's regional companies in Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin and Jinkun branch, and held face-to-face discussions and exchanges with the heads of regional branches and qualified contractor representatives. On the basis of the report of many achievements in 2019, Yin Weidong also pointed out many contradictions and outstanding problems in the development of the group, and put forward work guidance in combination with the actual situation of each region. In addition, he also pointed out how to consolidate the foundation of 10 billion enterprises, adjust development ideas, clarify the key points of work, strengthen work and effectively prevent and resolve bad records , strengthen the construction of credit and integrity, promote the management of real name system of labor service, strengthen the quality and safety, focus on project management and other aspects to launch a heated discussion, and widely listen to suggestions and opinions. The research activities have achieved good results, providing decision-making basis for the group's senior management to study and judge the situation, draw blueprints and plan. (Office)